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 wellness retreat in essex My Experience

I have worked in rehabilitation clinics with patients suffering from various addictions. I have also supported clients who are undergoing psychological suffering from trauma, depression, sexual problems, violence, work conflict and family crises. I am able to work with clients who have learning difficulties, children with special needs and people with life threatening illnesses.  

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My Qualifications


  • Diploma in creative dance and creative mindful meditation.
  • Certified in counselling women who have suffered sexual violence.
  • Diploma in counselling. 

  • Supervisory certificate which means I can supervise counsellors and trainee counsellors.
  • Certified to teach adult literacy.



Counselling Services

therapeutic email counselling Email Counselling

Email counselling can be extremely useful because it is easily accessible and avoids the anxiety which can often overcome someone when they sit in a therapist’s office. Online counselling is particularly useful for people suffering from anxiety ‘depression’ who want support but do not want face to face sessions. Those who experience agoraphobia or an illness that prevents them from leaving their home may also find email counselling extremely beneficial. Expatriates who live in countries where the English language is not widespread can also benefit. As can those who do not have the time to travel and visit a counsellor’s place of work. 

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holistic retreat in peldon The Power of the Written Word

Therapeutic sessions do not have to be conventional and I have worked in creative ways with clients through the power of writing. Clients have often written poetry or created pieces of art to embody the distress that they are undergoing. This allows clients to have control over their sessions and direct their therapeutic journey.

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"Linda's attitude, caring outlook and professionalism in counselling clients is excellent."



holistic therapy The Therapeutic Response

The therapeutic response is written down and it is there for you to reflect on it whenever you need to. Emotions and thoughts that arise can immediately be written down and processed in the next email session. As a counsellor I work in a creative way and I can reflect on how clients are feeling and respond accordingly in the best way.

It is the tone and words that are written that form the therapeutic intervention and the benefits of this can be achieved through email counselling.

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essex holistic retreat What I Offer

As a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, I can offer care and support if you are suffering from emotional distress or have experienced a traumatic event. I have worked in private practice and for a number of counselling organisations. My belief is that we are all unique and are drawn to what serves us best. Counselling helps us to recognise the people we are and to identify the patterns that are not beneficial in helping us to lead fulfilling lives. Whatever issue you may have, Retreats at the Farm is a safe haven where we can explore your needs and look at best ways to move forward.

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farm retreat in essex How Does It Work

It is important to have boundaries in any therapeutic collaboration and I offer weekly sessions by email once or twice a week.

I offer a free initial assessment to introduce myself and the way I work, and it is important you feel you would like to work with me.



Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is identical to face to face-counselling, except sessions are conducted with a trained counsellor on the phone. Sessions are arranged to suit your needs whether that be once or twice a week.

Face to Face Counselling

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Counselling Supervision

Students: £35

Training Courses

I also offer training courses for those working with childhood parental loss and survivors of sexual trauma.

Reduced rates are offered for trainee counsellors.

For further details about my holistic retreat in Essex, please get in touch with me at Retreats at the Farm.


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